“Following the way of Jesus, St. John’s gathers as a caring community to serve our neighbors and share God’s love.” -St. John’s mission statement

St. John’s Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). We welcome people of all ages, races, abilities, and backgrounds to participate fully in worship and in the life of our congregation. You can learn more about what ELCA Lutherans believe here.

The people of St. John’s orient our congregational life around core convictions about God’s creative power, forgiveness, and reconciling love.

God creates our world, so…

We take care of creation, recycling and reusing what we can.

We promote a creative spirit in our outreach programs.

We notice God’s beauty and ongoing spirit of creation through worship and music, our Creative Arts Series, and the contributions of each person.

God loves all people, so…

We show God’s love to others with special gifts to local and global agencies and with contributions to local food banks. In 2019, we are raising funds for The Breathing Room Foundation and AMMPARO.

We share fellowship, supporting one another in challenging times and rejoicing together on joyful occasions.

We pray for those in need in our community, our families, and around the world.

We visit people who are sick and homebound.

We serve our neighbors near and far.

 God forgives us, so…

We respond to God’s grace with thankful hearts.

 God longs for reconciliation, so…

We share the sacrament of Holy Communion each Sunday. Our communion table is Christ’s table, and it is open to all.

We participate in the Cheltenham Area Multifaith Council, collaborating with our neighbors of other faiths.

We practice forgiveness with one another.